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Sytron® PA6
Sytron® PA6 is a polyamide (PA) resin product with excellent mechanical properties,
heat and chemical resistances, and processability.
Sytron® PA6 is a resin of excellent mechanical properties, processability, heat resistance, and chemical resistance. With excellent compatibility
with fillers, it is easy to be reinforced with glass fiber and filler and through its enhanced properties as well as its given filler features, it can be
applied to products requiring diverse characteristics.
Applicable Areas
Product List
Product List
Grade Product Features Technical Data Sheet MSDS
100F NC, BK High Flow
100FC NC High Flow, Nucleated
100TU Toughened, heat stabilized
120L Toughened
100G10TL GF 10%, Toughened
100G15L GF 15%, Lubricated
100G15LU GF 15%, Lubricated
100G20L GF 20%, Lubricated
100G20HSL GF 20%, Heat stabilized, Lubricated
100G30T GF 30%, Toughened
100G30HSL GF 30%, Heat stabilized, Lubricated
100G30LU GF 30%, Lubricated, UV resistant
100G30L GF 30%, Lubricated
100G35HSL GF 35%, Heat stabilized, Lubricated
100G50L GF 50%, Lubricated
100GM40K GF + MF 40%
100GM40C GF + MF 40%