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Sytron® PA66
Sytron® PA66 is a polyamide (PA) resin with various characteristics including high
mechanical properties and great chemical resistance, while excellently heat stabilized
and self-lubricated.
With its excellent processability, Sytron® PA66 is easy for extrusion/injection molding and based on its excellent mechanical properties,
abrasion and wear resistance, and heat resistance/chemical resistance, it is a resin that can perform great functions when applied to high
performance and high functional products as an engineering plastic material.
Applicable Areas
Product List
Product List
Grade Product Features Technical Data Sheet MSDS
200L Lubricated
203L Toughened, Lubricated
210L Toughened, Lubricated
210HSL Toughened, heat stabilized
215HSL Toughened, heat stabilized
220L Toughened, Lubricated
200GM40K GF + MF 40%
200GM40C GF + MF 40%
200M30 MF 30%
200M40 MF 40%
200G13L GF 13%, Lubricated
200G13HSL GF 13%, Heat stabilized, Lubricated
200G13T GF 13%, Toughened
200G15L GF 15%, Toughened
200G15HSL GF 15%, Heat stabilized, Lubricated
200G20L GF 20%, Lubricated
200G20HSL GF 20%, Heat stabilized, Lubricated
200G25L GF 25%, Lubricated
200G25HSL GF 25%, Heat stabilized, Lubricated
200G30L GF 30%, Lubricated
200G30HSL GF 30%, Heat stabilized, Lubricated
200G33L GF 33%, Lubricated
200G33TL GF 33%, Toughened
200G33HSL GF 33%, Heat stabilized, Lubricated
200G43L GF 43%, Lubricated
200G50HSL GF 50%, Heat stabilized, Lubricated
200G55L GF 55%, Lubricated
230G30L GF 30%, Lubricated, Good surface
200G30SL GF 30%, Lubricated, Good surface
230G33L GF 33%, Lubricated, Good surface
200G43SL GF 43%, Lubricated, Good surface