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Sytron® PC
Sytron® PC is a polycarbonate (PC) compounding product with excellent characteristics
of transparency, impact resistance, and dimensional stability.
As an amorphous polymer resin, Sytron® PC has excellent impact resistance and transparency. Even when molded in high temperatures,
there is a low reduction in properties and its excellent flow proves the excellent effects of high temperature molding in sophisticated products.
Applicable Areas
Product List
Product List
Grade Product Features Technical Data Sheet MSDS
201-15 Lubricated
201-22 Lubricated
GR5151 GF 15%, Lubricated
GR5151HF GF 15%, High flow, Lubricated
GR5201 GF 20%, Lubricated
HF5025 Lubricated
HF5025F High flow, Lubricated
HF5025ST High flow, Super toughened
LD5020 Light diffusion
TJ5025DU UV stabilized
TJ5025E Lubricated
TJ5025LU UV stabilized, Lubricated