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Sytron® PC/ABS
Alloying polycarbonate (PC) resin and ABS resin, Sytron® PC/ABS is a compounding product harmonizing the excellent mechanical properties, heat resistance, and dimensional stability of PC resins with the strengths of ABS resins including processability and plating characteristics.
Sytron® PC/ABS는 maintains its excellent impact resistance at room temperatures and low temperatures. With great flow compared
to PC resins, it is less likely to develop crack phenomena when molding and can be used for injection, extrusion, and blow molding.
Applicable Areas
Product List
Product List
Grade Product Features Technical Data Sheet MSDS
GP9015I Lubricated
HF9058 High flow
HH9025 High impact
HH9025U UV stabilized, High impact
HH9025F High flow, Lubricated
HS9001 High flow, Lubricated
MP9032 High flow, Lubricated