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Adding on to the general strengths of nylon resin including toughness, strength, and chemical resistance, MINLON gets rid of the orientation
with low warpage, enabling a product with excellent rigidity and dimensional stability.

MINLON Grades and Applications
Grades Characteristics Major Applications
Nylon 66 – Melting Point 255 Degrees Celsius
Minlon 10B(1) High rigidity / dimensional stability /
high heat resistance
Small engine parts (carburetor, fuel pump, silencer) / bracket /
instrument panel housing
Minlon 11C(2,4) Excellent impact resistance /
rigidity / heat resistance
Automotive exterior parts / small engine components / paintable
Minlon 12T(4) Ultra impact resistance /
Automotive exterior parts / electrically-driven tool housing
MINFE6190 BK086 Excellent strength and rigidity
in high temperatures
Engine (air baffle, shroud) / pump / water meter
Minlon 22C(4) Identical characteristics with 20B /
especially low warpage
Automotive exterior parts engine rocker covers
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  • 1. FDA approved grade (MINLON 10BW) / heat-resistant grade (MINLON BHS-1)
  • 2. Chrome-plated grade
  • 3. FDA approved grade (MINLON FE6092)
  • 4. All grades are heat-resistant grades