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Sytron® PA/ABS
Alloying polyamide (PA) resin and ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) resin with special
commercialization technologies, Sytron® PA/ABS is a material that has the strengths of both
crystalline polymer resins and amorphous polymer resins
Through its unique non-glossy effects, Sytron® PA/ABS is a resin that can be applied to products with elegant exteriors. With an excellent balance
of mechanical properties and stable dimensional change as well as physical property change due to the reduction of water absorption compared
to PA materials, it is possible to cut down on prime costs through weight reduction thanks to its low-density characteristics.
Applicable Areas
Product List
Product List
Grade Product Features Technical Data Sheet MSDS
HI7025 Toughened
HF7021U High Flow, UV resistant
WR7011 UV resistant
GR7151 GF 15%
GR7301 GF 30%