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RYNITE is a glass reinforced PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), formulated so that the crystallization will rapidly be processed when injecting.
It is an excellent product when the molded parts need rigidity, dimensional stability, beautiful exteriors, high temperature characteristics,
solvent resistance, and electrical characteristics.

RYNITE Grades and Applications
Grades Characteristics Major Applications
General grade
Rynite 530 PET resin with 30% reinforced glass fiber / harmonized strength, rigidity, and impact resistance with excellent electrical characteristics, exteriors, and chemical resistance Electrical / electronic components such as ignition parts,
relay base, lamp socket, bobbin, pump housing, machinery components including gear / sprocket, vacuum cleaner, motor end bell, chair handles, and caster and furniture parts
Rynite 545 PET resin with 45% reinforced glass fiber / excellent strength, rigidity, and creep resistance Lamp housing, compressor housing, fuel/air temperature sensor housing, sunroof frame, spool, bobbin, transmission parts, medical tools
Low warpage grade
Rynite 935 Resin with 35% reinforced glass fiber and mica, extremely low warpage with excellent electrical characteristics, rigidity, and heat resistance Exteriors, structures, frame-related components, electrical components, transformers, and ignition coil housing
Rynite 940 As a resin with 40% reinforced glass fiber and mica, has high strength and rigidity and low warpage. Frames, exteriors, support structures
Impact resistant grade
Rynite SST35 As an ultra-impact resistant PET with 35% reinforced glass fiber, has excellent harmony between rigidity and impact resistance with excellent exteriors, processability, and heat resistance Automotive parts, wheel, sports goods, bag components,
home appliances, furniture goods
Flame retardant grade
Rynite FR-530 Flame retardant PET with 30% reinforced glass fiber, the UL9 flame retardant level is V-0 and its temperature efficient is 150 degrees Celsius. Excellent properties and flow. Application for electrical and electronic connectors or other components requiring heat resistance, for welding applications on vapor and wave
Rynite FR-543 As a 43% glass reinforced flame retardant PET, registered on UL as 155 degrees Celsius, same as the thermosetting resin Same electrical and electronic application as relay switch, electrical ballast, and terminal block
Rynite FR-945 As a 45% glass fiber and mineral reinforced PET resin, acquired V-0 for flame retardant level on UL at 1/32 thickness, low warpage and high rigidity Electrical/electronic components, motor housing, bobbin, terminal block, pen
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