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DELRIN acetal resin is a semi-crystalline plastic created through the polymerization of formaldehyde. DELRIN not only has succeeded
in replacing metal materials in many important mechanical elements and applied structures but also has demonstrated excellent rigidity,
strength, and creep resistance in harsh temperatures and humidity conditions.

DELRIN Grades and Applications
Grade Characteristics Major Applications
Delrin 100(1,2) Injection/extrusion molding for special application /
high viscosity and easy to charge cavity / possesses the
best impact resistance among resins with no impact
modifiers charged / surface lubricated / 107 contains UV
stabilizer / 100F and 100D with improved processability /
150SA and 150E are for extrusion of special application
Application for cases requiring toughness
and elongation without decline in other
mechanical strength such as high load
capacity gears, machining components,
blow molding bottles, sheets, tubes, rods, etc.
Delrin 100P
Delrin 100AF Blending TEFLON(PTFE) Fiber on DELRIN 100 resin
to reduce the friction coefficient
Components requiring fatigue resistance
and toughness for application of
abrasion/friction resistance
Delrin 500(1,2) General injection/extrusion molding / surface lubricated /
507 contains UV stabilizer / 500F, 500D, and 500HP are
resins with improved high productivity, easy ejecting, and
As a medium viscosity resin for general
application, application in cases requiring
even properties and 507 are used for
weather resistance application
Delrin 500P
Delrin 500P
Delrin 500AF(3) TEFLON fiber blended on DELRIN 500 resin Application for cases requiring friction
resistance and low friction coefficient
Delrin 500TL(1)
Delrin 500CL(3) Lubricated the DELRIN 500 and 900 resins Wear Resistance / Anti-Friction Application
Delrin 510GR 10% Glass Fiber Reinforcement Wear Resistance / High Rigidity
Delrin 525GR 25% Glass Fiber Reinforcement Wear Resistance / Ultra-High Rigidity
Delrin 570(1,3) Because of glass fiber reinforcement , this grade has
high rigidity with low warpage and creep resistance at
elevated temperature. DELRIN 577 is a black color
weather resistance grade
Components requiring machine
components, rods, slabs, and rigidity
Delrin 577(1,3)
Delrin 900(1,2) Lower viscosity grade than DELRIN 500 /
surface lubricated / DELRIN 900F and DELRIN 900HP
are resins with improved processability
Multiple cavity components of thin-wall
products that are hard to fill, DELRIN 900
only has lower elongation and impact
strength than DELRIN 500, keeping the rest
of the physical characteristics
Delrin 900P
Delrin 100ST Mixed with impact-resistant acetal elastomers
for general application
Application for machine components
requiring impact resistance, but this grade
has somewhat low rigidity
Delrin 500T Mixed with impact-resistant acetal elastomer for general
application / DELRIN 500T has excellent abrasion
For applications requiring impact resistance
without reduction in other mechanical
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  • 1. Acquired FDA authorization indicating that it is irrelevant to contact foods in temperatures up to 121 degrees Celsius in all types of foods,
        DELRIN 107, 507, and 577 of original colors shall be limited for use up to 49 degrees Celsius for hydro food types
  • 2. Acquired the NSF authorization of usability up to 82 degrees Celsius when contacting drinking water
  • 3. Acquired the NSF authorization of up to 37 degrees Celsius
  • 4. TEFLON is a registered trademark name of Chemours fluororesin, film, enamel, and fiber